Suzi M.

I first met Nikki at an open house that she was hosting.  My fiancé (at the time) and I briefly spoke with Nikki about our upcoming wedding and wrote down our phone number and email on the sign-in sheet.  Exactly one month after our wedding (which was a year later), Nikki called and left me a message, congratulating us on our wedding and letting us know she was available if we were still interested in buying a house.  Immediately, my husband and I were impressed that we had met her over a year ago and casually mentioned our wedding; she had remembered when we were getting married and that we may be interested in buying a house.

Nikki is a fantastic realtor.  She pays attention to every detail and is readily available.  My husband and I work different shifts, but Nikki was always willing to accommodate meeting us at after hours to show us any house we were interested in seeing.  We would meet her after work, even if it meant 8PM or before work at 6-7AM, including weekends!  My husband worked overnight shifts and one night he found a house at 2:00AM that he liked.  By 6AM, Nikki had responded and said we could see the house right away if we wanted.  Nikki is an extremely hard worker and will do anything possible to find the perfect house for you.  

My parents, who live out of town in south Florida, occasionally came with us to see houses if they happened to be visiting.  Nikki was always extremely pleasant and polite and took an interest in my parents.  They are interested in moving up to our area, so Nikki asked them about where they lived and their house.  She gave them resources and great advice on selling their home, even though she wouldn’t be their realtor.  This was about 2 years ago, and now my parents are moving forward with selling their house to move up here.  We contacted Nikki to see if she had any recommendations for realtors in their area.  Nikki contacted and interviewed several realtors in their area and chose one that she felt would be a great match for my parents.  Now my parents have met with the realtor Nikki selected and are in the process of putting their house on the market.  We all continue to be impressed by how much work Nikki is willing to put in to help her clients (and their families).  Without a doubt, my parents will be buying a house from Nikki once their house sells.

If you’re looking for a realtor who takes the time to listen to your needs, give honest feedback about your expectations, and who is readily available, Nikki Bateman is your person.  I highly recommend her!

— Suzi M.