14 Tips every For Sale By Owner needs to read


1. Schedule Appointments

Don’t let a prospective home buyer walk up and get inside to view your property. Make an appointment and verify that they have a legitimate phone number.

2. Pre-qualification Letter from Lender or Proof of Funds

Ask the prospective home buyer to email you their pre-qualification letter or proof of funds prior to a showing. Professional Realtors® pre-qualify buyers to identify the price range they should be looking at. For Sale By Owners should do the same as Realtors® in this case.

3. Give Contact Information to Others

Send the contact information to someone at another location. Make sure they have the showing times and information about the prospective home buyer. An easy way is to add this person to an online calendar. Make contact immediately after each showing.

4. Show During Daylight

As much as possible, show your home during the daylight. If you have to show your home at night, turn on all the lights and make sure your blinds and curtains are open.

5. Extra Set of Eyes & Walk Behind

Keep an eye on prospective home buyers at all times. Make sure you have at least one other person at your home during showings. Let them walk in front of you and you can direct them from room to room while giving the tour.

6. Don’t Get Blocked In

Before your prospective home buyers show up, park your vehicle on your street  and not in your driveway where you could be blocked in. This will make it easy if you have to escape and get to your vehicle.

7. Know Your Escape Routes

Unlock all doors that allow you outside access. If something doesn’t seem right, it’s best to get out early.

8. Carry Your Cell Phone and Alarm Fob

Most Home alarm systems have a remote key fob that you can carry with you. If your car has an emergency panic button, you can carry those as well as your cell phone. You can also carry pepper spray in your pockets for an extra layer of caution.

9. Show Your Home Without Children Present 

It’s best if your children are not at your home during a showing.

10. Collect Vehicle Information

During the tour of your home, on of you should step outside and write down the make, model, color, and license plate information. An easier and quicker way is to walk behind the vehicle and take a picture of it.

11. Hide Valuables 

This should be the first thing that comes to mind when showing your home. Keep all jewelry, money, laptops, and small electronics out of view.

12. Prescription Drugs

Hide prescription drugs that a prospective home buyer may find in bathroom cabinets or laying out in plain view.

13. Be Discrete

Do not share all of your information. When you advertise your home, it’s best if you don’t use your home phone number or your home address when posting online or creating flyers. Make prospective home buyers email you for additional information. Be cautious of identity theft, do not leave any personal documents or mail out.

14. Be Mindful of Groups

Get a count of how many people will be viewing your home. If a group shows up, be extra mindful and cautious.