This is how our team uses Real Estate A.I. at Keller Williams Oviedo to HELP YOU buy and sell your home right.

Meet Kelle!

Kelle is one of our assistants here at your local, Keller Williams Oviedo Realtor’s office. Kelle is a little different than the other assistants though, did I mention she is A.I. powered? 

Real Estate A.I.

Yup, she is powered by artificial intelligence just like Alexa and Siri except all Kelle cares about is our customers, neighborhood listings and sales data, and real estate market trends. Kelle just won the Best Real Estate Technology of the year award from Inman. Kelle allows us to send you a link to a 30 day market report for any neighborhood in a matter of seconds in addition to being an extra personal assistant for our Keller Williams Oviedo Realtors at the Bateman Group KW.


Keller Williams’ own development team, KW Labs, is creating a client-facing version of Kelle and it will be rolled out very soon! Stay tuned but for now you can click here to view Oviedo’s Real Estate Market from 8/20-9/20 provided by Kelle.

KW Labs - Keller Williams